Telugu Alliances of Canada
Thanks to more than 1000 people for attending and making the evening of Diwali Dhamaka 2019, lively with your spirit, bright with your smiles, colorful with your attires.
Hope you all were spellbound with the performances on the stage, delighted with sponsors raffle prizes, enlightened with their speech, relished the delicious traditional food from Hyderabad house and pleased with our hospitality.
We would like to thank our sponsors for their support to organize such events in a grand way, TACA earnestly requests is to support them.  
Below are the links for photos and videos of TACA Diwali Dhamaka 2019:
Official Announcement of TACA Governing Board Election Results for the term (2019~2021)
(Dated: 22nd September 2019)
Here are the Office bearers for the term (2019~2021) TACA Governing Body
Executive Committee (EC):
1. President:                                  : Mr. Sreenath Reddy Kundoori
2. Vice-President                            : Mrs Kalpana Moturi
3. General Secretary                       : Mr. Nagendra Hamsala
4. Cultural Secretary                       : Mrs Vani Jayanthi
5. Treasurer                                   : Mr. Suresh Kuna
6. Director -1                                 : Mr. Mallikarjuna Chari Padira
7. Director -2                                 : Mr. Praveen Penubaka
8. Director-3                                  : Mr. Raja Ram Mohan Roy Pullamsetty
9. Youth Director -1                        : Mr.Aarush Mukkara
10. Youth Director -2                      : Ms. Aneesha Kotti 
Board of Trustees (BOT):
Board of Trustee (Chairman)          : Mr. Basha Shaik        
Board of Trustee -1                       : Mr. Ramachandra Rao Duggina
Board of Trustee -2                       : Mr. Raghav Kumar Allam
Board of Trustee -3                       : Mrs. Rani R Maddela
Board of Trustee -4                       : Mr. Prasanna Tiruchirapally


1. Mr. Dheeraj Arcot (Chief Election Officer)
          (Phone: 647-300–4780)
2. Mr. Veeranjaneyulu Kota (Election Officer)


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