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TACA Summer Family Picnic & Outdoor Sports Event! 
After the successful Ugadhi Celebrations held in April, along with other felicitations, TACA has carefully reviewed many park facilities across GTA, and have picked Huron Park to cater Telugu Community of Canada for a day packed with fun, entertainment, sports, food and relaxing event of the year !
Huron Park, Mississauga 
Whether you are looking to get involved in sports activities or you are looking for a place to relax, Huron Park has it all. A modular skateboard facility, Basketball nets, Soccer fields, a Splash pad for the kids, Volleyball courts, soccer grounds, picnic areas for large groups and beautiful parkland and trails.
Picnic Entry is FREE to all !
Entertainment Sports ITEMS & Games
TACA is organizing sport items like Kabadi, Volley Ball, Tennikoit, Badminton, along with many easy play games for every one to participate and enjoy, and TACA awards Cash prizes to the winners in the picnic it self ! Please come with shuttlecocks, rackets if you have any !! 
Picnic Potluck 
TACA always believes in the enjoyment through community sharing activities including picnic potluck. Everyone is invited to participate in Family Potluck Picnic Luncheon. Please note participating in the potluck is NOT compulsory to attend the picnic, and TACA will make sure enough food items available to all participants. If you are interested to bring a menu item, select the item by clicking PICNIC_MENU_2017 and mail to   
Potluck Luncheon
Biryani, Alu-Kurma, Roti, Pulihora, Sambar, Dadhojanam ,Water Melon, fresh fruits,water, juice and pops etc
On Spot Entries
BBQ Corn, jilebi, Hot Mirchi Bajji, Masala Chai etc          
Potluck Luncheon
Biryani, Alu-Kurma, Pulihora, Sambar, Dadhojanam ,Water Melon, fresh fruits,water, juice and pops etc 
On Spot Entries: 
BBQ Corn,  Masala Chai etc
Dress Code:
This Summer is expected to be very hot! Please bring Sun Glasses, Hats, Sunscreen Lotion for your family. Splash n Spray pad is next to Picnic area and, dress kids with shorts and cotton wear (Extra pair of clothes and towels for kids - use).  Also please bring your own chairs.                                                            
 *TACA reserves the right for any changes on the event subject to availability 

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