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COVID-19 – Resources Update……





Wish this email finds you safe and sound along with your family. We are going through unprecedented situation due to COVID19, during this time it’s imperative for us to follow the lock-down declared by government by staying home. This is a wonderful opportunity to take a break from our mundane life and spend time with our beloved family for whom we work so hard. On the other hand we might encounter challenges too because of this lockdown.


We are providing the list of experts in the following the areas who would be able to help you followed by a compendium of links for common questions:


Area of Expertise Expert Email
1 COVID Govt. Benefits/Financial Advisor (Individuals & Companies) Arvind Betala
2 Mortgages Raghav Allam
3 Child Education Hari Reddy
4 International Students/Education Gautam Kalluri


Any help reach out to


Our Canadian government is trying their best to provide succor to the citizens during this extraordinary contagion. We tried to collate all the information into this email for your benefit just in case you missed with the information overload out there. Compiling it all here to have it at your fingertips.


Please click on the below link for more information:


COVID-19 Resources – Ontario & Federal


Disclaimer: TACA team wants to facilitate an interaction between you and the experts. The answers and guidance you are getting from these experts should be evaluated judiciously by you as per your situation. Also the information provided is at this point in time. Please recheck for updated information.

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